Quality is a department that has been consistently implemented and modernized over the years, through the training of specialized staff and the provision of tools and cutting-edge equipment. A.T.E. srl is able to work in accordance with the highest standards required by the automotive industry and ISO 9001, providing all those services that are in demand today by all the major manufacturers, to control the security and stability of the process.

  • All production processes are properly validated and certified as PPAP and VDA standards.
  • Compilation and application of FMEA plans to aid efficiency and process reliability.
  • Maximum flexibility in the 'development of specific Quality Control Plans, based on the needs of the process, product or customer.
  • Design and construction of templates to perform tight dimensional control.
  • Conduction of regular audits at our suppliers and internal audits to processes and systems installed..



The molds and the automatic equipment produced in A.T.E. srl are able to perform fully automated check on 100% finished components. Executable automatic controls are:


  • pressure tightness test;
  • Go No-Go tests of calibrated endings;
  • presence of auxiliary control;
  • checking for obstructions.


ISO EN UNI 14001:2014
ISO EN UNI 14001:2014
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